Immigration In The United States

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The United States has always been the land of immigrants. Immigration in the United States has an extensive history old immigrants have gone, and new immigrants have appeared. Ever since the establishment of the United States, immigration laws have been put in place, reformed, and dismantled. To immigrate to the land of freedom and opportunities has become a dream for millions of immigrants every year from all walks of life. The staggering numbers of immigrants migrating into the U.S every year have either exasperated or assured many. The long-standing debate about the controversial topic of immigration has been brought to the forefront several times; a perfect example is the Obama administration and his plan on resettling 10,000 Syrian Refuges …show more content…
Immigrants have to deal with many unknowns when they move into the U.S. finding employment, housing, and adapting to new laws and a new life is just a few which can be difficult for the U.S to deal with regarding assimilation and proving the fundamental support needed for these immigrants. The topic on immigration is part of an important public discourse "Senator Session Is Right on Immigration" captures this importance asserting, “when 13 percent of Americans, and 16 percent of the workforce, is foreign-born, that makes for a significant widespread negative impact – and one that affects everyone else, through its effects on our welfare state, our politics, and our society” (par 3). Immigrants make up a huge part of the prosperous U.S workforce and affect the booming economy, therefore; Immigrants have a negative impact on the U.S infrastructure and causes a domino effect. Immigrants also raise the overall standard of living for American workers by boosting wages and the decrease in prices the result? A country that is providing more for foreigners than its natives many are at their wits end and in response have deemed that enough is enough we have to get rid of those who just don’t belong all they do is nurse off the government. Why do we natives have to be impacted by

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