Immigration Has Changed Throughout The Course Of America 's History

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Immigration has played an important role in America 's history; however, what defines an acceptable immigrant, and how to deal with immigration has changed throughout the course of America 's history. Illegal immigration has become a controversial issue amongst the American public, and now more than ever, the pros and cons of illegal immigration are being examined by American citizen across the country. Immigration 's controversial nature, however, is one thing that has always remained true in the United States. In today 's modern era, the topic will only become more polarized, due to the changing ethnic makeup of the United States. “In the past three hundred years, more than two hundred million men, women, and children have come to America.” This quote is from Immigration, Assimilation, and Border Security, by author and former analyst at the United States Bureau of Customs and Border protection Yoku Shaw-Taylor, and it provides a historical basis for immigration to America (35). Even when it was still a colony, America was host to a variety of groups: Dutch, German, English, Irish, and so on. In the 19th century, manifest destiny pushed America to the west coast. When settlers reached California, gold was found, and a gold rush ensued. The prospect of striking it rich was an attractive prospect for many people; this led to a rapid population and commercial expansion in the western territories. America was in a period of prosperity. This prosperity drew in large numbers of…

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