Immigration Has Caused Concern And National Crisis Essay

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For most of American history immigration has been confronted; not too differently it remains a current debate to such degree that it has brought to light the reasons for massive immigrant movements and incredible measures used to stop immigration flo. The constant controversy of immigration has brought both authors to dispute the fact that immigrants have made a great impact on our society. In “Imagining the Immigrant : Why Legality Must Give Way to Humanity” (374), professor John J. Savant discusses the reason that caused the immigrants to flee from their country. In this manner, he encourages citizens to perceive their hardship and accept that immigration has always been part of American culture. Adverse to him, in article “The Perpetual Border Battle” (377), commentator Mark Krikorian alleges that immigration has caused concern and national crisis, therefore re-enforcement of immigration laws need to be precise. This national disagreement has brought to light the logic of immigration movement and the measures that this country is taking to seize immigration flo.
The current debate of immigration has influenced Savant to write that immigration has always been a controversy of wit and worthiness. Highlighting government is focused on containing public laws and that they don’t consider the morality of the immigrants. He then appoints a common misconception, that “granting amnesty and a path to citizenship for illegal aliens encourages disrespect for the law” (376).…

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