Immigration Happens All Over The World Essay

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Immigration happens all over the world. There are many forms of immigration and many reasons that immigration happens. According to the definition of immigration is to come to a country of which one is not a native, usually for permanent residence. For my paper I am going to be focusing on immigration in Europe. I will do my research and inform you about the forms of immigration in Europe and the reasons that immigrants are coming into Europe. Immigration has been happening for a very long time, and it will continue to grow in the future. According to the BBC, in 2015 more than a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe. The majority of these migrants came from overseas but some of them came to Europe through Turkey and Albania. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, or the UNHCR, since the start of 2016 135,711 people reaching Europe by sea. So where do these immigrants come from? According to the BBC, most of the immigrants have come and continue to come from Syria, but many also come from Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, and Kosovo due to the fact that many people are leaving these countries due to problems in their homeland. Eurostat states that from 2015, the top ten origins applying for asylum in the EU are people from Syria with about 360 thousand, Afghanistan with about 175 thousand, Iraq with about 125 thousand, Kosovo with about 70 thousand, Albania with about 65 thousand, Pakistan with about 48 thousand, Eritrea with…

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