Essay on Immigration During The United States

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Immigration in American Society
With the ongoing controversy of immigration there are arguments towards both tightening security and toward allowing a path for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship. Although there already are 20,000 border patrol agents, there are other authorities Congress could express that would significantly affect the strictness of border security. (Kephart, 2013) Border security should be capable of keeping those who cheat the system with work visas, immigrant benefit programs and people who may pose a potential threat, out of the country. Illegal immigrants are sliding into the U.S. by going around the rules, and using the system to their advantage. There is a way to immigrate into the country and earn citizenship legally and it needs to be thoroughly enforced to better our nation.
Modern day immigration debates are primarily directed towards illegal immigrants or undocumented people entering the nation with false papers, via boat or on foot, attempting to cross the Canadian or Mexican border which the U.S. spends around 18 million dollars a year trying to protect. (Immigration Policy, 2013) Supporters of tightening border security argue that illegal immigrants are criminals and are not being treated as such. Allowing them into the country would put the country at a financial deficit. Although immigrants are usually working low wage jobs, they are still jobs that a low skilled American citizen could have. Also, allowing illegal immigrants to gain…

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