Immigration Barriers To Health Care

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Could you imagine having to leave everything you’ve ever known behind to start life over again in a foreign land; all because twenty years ago your parents decided to give you a better life in the land of opportunity? Well this is the daily struggle and fear for millions of undocumented immigrants and their children. It is no great secret to the millions who pour into this country, that being born on U.S. soil grants you citizenship and with it opportunity, and a path towards economic security. However, with heightened immigration affecting America 's health and economy, and the threat of a new heavily "anti-immigration campaigning" president, it may soon not be so easy for parents to grant a better future for their children. Thirty-three percent of Mexicans said they would migrate if and when they could to escape the drugs, crime, poverty and political corruption that plague ninety-five percent of Mexico (Pew). All of these
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They include communication challenges, disparate health practice beliefs, limited cultural awareness, on from healthcare providers or simply the ability to pay for the much needed services. While there are efforts to address linguistic and cultural barriers, trial-and-error seems to be the most common form of education in the medical system. Because of these barriers immigrants are prone to medical mistakes. Possible errors include miscommunication, resulting in possible misdiagnosis; a patient becoming noncompliant because they do not understand instructions given to them, and patients’ inappropriate use of services, such as dependence on emergency room treatment. Patients may leave a doctor’s visit confused, misdiagnosed, and with very little confidence in the doctor and the system in general. From this negative experience in the beginning, feelings of distrust continue to grow and can prevent the patient from seeking medical care in the

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