Immigration And The United States Essay

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Immigration is an important factor in the development of all countries as long as it occurs legally. In the United States, immigration has supplied a multicultural example of economic, social, and political growth.
The united States has the largest immigrant population of any nation in the world. There are at least 40.71 million immigrants making the United States, four times as many foreign-born residents as any other nation in the world. Of the 40.7 million 11.4 million are unauthorized who have no legal status. The illegal immigrant (unauthorized alien) population in the United States is a controversial and key immigration issue. Competing political views in recent years to address the illegal aliens has proven to be a core hindrance to the enactment of comprehensive reform legislation regarding immigration. This paper hopes to highlight the political issues that are connected to illegal immigration in American.
The ease of travel compounded by the improvements in information have spurred to a large extent the international illegal immigration around the globe in recent decades. Most countries that are developed experience illegal flows, but the United States has an inflow that is high in comparison to other developed countries.
The problem of immigration is a long standing one in the United States. Francis Walker, the then director of Census, in the 1890 's, cited data of census in support of a debate that the country was at the time being overrun by immigrants who…

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