Immigration And The United States Essay

964 Words May 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Throughout history immigration has populated and modified countries. Since the beginning of civilization, Immigration has spread concepts, beliefs, and cultures to many completely different countries. Furthermore, it has also created the u.s. of America what it 's these days. Immigrants come to the United States for several completely different reasons. Many come back for another probability or a brand new starting. Others come for jobs and cash, to escape a war, education, or just for freedom. All immigrants come for the hope of living the “American Dream” as a national of the United States. The 14th modification within the Constitution of the u.s. defines citizenship as “all persons born or naturalized in the United States” (The US Constitution). Many immigrants come back into America lawfully with the desired papers, but others sneak past the borders illicitly. However, over the past few years immigration into the United States has increased dramatically and is popping into an awfully massive drawback to several. Many Americans are a unit against the immigration policy in the u.s., some accept it and encourage it, associated others want to provide everybody civil rights.
The fact that immigration into the u.s. has greatly magnified over the past few years worries several all across America. These people are a unit against mass immigration and suppose the United States ought to begin to chop back on the quantity of immigrants granted entry into America so as to preserve…

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