Essay on Immigration And The United States

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The number of Immigrants, legal or illegal, that have come into the united states has fluctuated over the years and does not hide the fact that the American Dream acts as a beacon to foreigners. People believe coming to America is the key to a better life. With the overflow of our new neighbors we transform from a single society into a mixture of several cultures. Immigration is causing America to become a tossed salad (a society in which ethnic and racial groups maintain separate identities, with no dominant culture) and we as citizens should acknowledge our culturally diverse society.
Living in border states such as Texas, Arizona or California may give the illusion or appear as though the overflow of immigrants has converted them into a melting pot society, and actually without a doubt, is has. However, picking three states out of fifty is not equitable, because we are looking at America as a whole. States such as Ohio and New York still have predominantly defined cultures that have rich history and some natives have even essentially claimed these areas as their own, and are not yet ready to share. A strong reason why America will never entirely become a melting pot is due to the fact that we are a state “driven not by enthusiasm but by caution[...]” (376) as Author John J. Savant proclaims in his article “Imagining the Immigrant: Why Legality Must Give Way to Humanity”(374). Savant makes a statement supporting Americans concerns to foreigners by suggesting citizens…

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