Immigration and Emigration Essay

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Running head: The Definition of Immigration, Emigration, and Brain Drain. 1

The Definition of Immigration, Emigration, and Brain Drain in Terms of being Beneficial and Counter-productive to many first world countries

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December 11, 2012

The Definition of Immigration, Emigration, Brain Drain. 2

Immigration, Emigration, and Brain Drain are three topics that all go hand in hand when it comes having slight similarities and different viewpoints as to whether they are all beneficial to the country they currently reside or if they are a nuisance to many of the native citizens. Immigrants travel far and wide to a new
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Emigration can also be very helpful if you’re economically stable and seek better job opportunities else where but also hurts the citizens’ native country if they were a very productive citizen in technical skills or knowledge, which leads to Brain Drain. Brain Drain is the intellectual human capital in which students/workers are taken advantage of by first world nations or colleges/universities. Although brain drain can be very beneficial to a country that’s luring in students or workers, it’s their home countries that are hurt the most by their migration and even suffer great numbers in population to much powerful nations, which disrupts their own development.

The Definition of Immigration, Emigration, Brain Drain. 4

Definition of Immigration and its Advantages and Disadvantages

“Immigration is the term used to describe the process of a person entering and settling as a permanent resident in another country… The process of international migration has a profound effect on families. Family, economic, and political situations all influence reasons for immigrating. A country’s immigration policies determine who is admitted and its approach to integration of newcomers.” The major advantage is that the country gets new and usually very motivated workers. Depending on

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