Essay on Immigration: 9500 Liberty

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Justice 202-2: WIP
OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS: Analyzing 9500 Liberty

The documentary 9500 Liberty by Annabel Park and Eric Byler told of the inequality that immigrants faced in Prince William County, a small community in Virginia. On October 16, 2007, eight members of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on emergency funding to implement immigration resolution. This new law made it possible for police officers in Prince William County to question anyone they suspected to be in the country illegally based on factors such as their skin color and language. This paper will discuss the different perspectives appearing in the film 9500 Liberty in an effort to evaluate and critic arguments made by both parties in
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At first count the vote was tied at four to four, however after two hours of deliberation Chairman Stewart changed his vote to ‘No’ in an effort to avoid admitting defeat. It was determined that immigration status would be checked informingly to avoid racial profiling. In 2010, Arizona found themselves faced with “The Immigration Resolution” known as SB1070.
The use of internet and blogging played a vital role in stirring up “The Resolution” utilized by Greg Letiecq. As a white man, Letiecq was able to use his blog to recruit his followers by instilling fear onto other dominantly white citizens. Letiecq was able to depict undocumented immigrants as criminals that were invading the county and driving property values down, wasting taxpayer’s money, and committing crimes. Supporters from “Mexicans without Borders” also took advantage of the power of the internet and blogs to demonstrate their argument against the new law. Alanna Almeda started “” in an effort to rebuttal posts that “Help Save Manassas” was putting out. This proved to be much success for Almeda because she was able to acquire many supporters all around the country that supported her argument.
Letiecq uses metaphors to strengthen his argument and to gain support for his movement. During an interview with Annabel Park, Letiecq mentioned that God appoints

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