Immigrants Of America Being Mistreated Essay

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Immigrants in AMERICA being mistreated Oh America, god bless this nation, a great nation where everyone claims it is their land but forgot the fact that the land was actually belongs to the Native American tribes. The Native Americans that were murdered because of the white Europeans that wanted this land, again those white Europeans that claimed this land was theirs. The real question is was it really theirs? The pilgrims got sent here around the 1600s for their religious beliefs. King James the first was in charge of the churches as well so anyone that disobeyed the church disobeyed the king. The pilgrims had their own belief for this purpose they came The New World to live in peace and start a whole new life. So are these pilgrims really the original people that lived there? No they are not because that winter the natives helped the pilgrims survive and go through the winter. If they hadn’t helped would have the outcome been the same? I’m guessing not really. The pilgrims would’ve died and colonization would’ve failed, which meant no more settling in the new world so no natives would’ve really gotten murdered. In the article “liberty is pioneering: an American birthright Craig” Thompson Friend states that “many Native American’s wished to maintain their traditional lifestyles and viewed American encroachment on western lands as threatening to their cultural ways.” (17) The way the Natives saw these expansions to the Midwest as a threat was…

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