Immigrants During The United States Essay

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Back in 1492, “immigrants” arrived in the Americas after traveling across the Atlantic in search of a better life. These “immigrants” had no titles to land, no jobs lined up and no desire to purchase land from the original land owners. The fact that native people were already on this land posed only a temporary obstacle – the “immigrants” answer to this obstacle was to invade and take what they wanted. By the 1620s, these “immigrants” had set up a permanent settlement in Massachusetts. Without any consideration for the native inhabitants of this land, these “immigrants” and their descendants developed a set of rules that they called "laws" which were written by, and for the benefit of the “immigrants” from across the Atlantic. These laws were not formed by a democratic process because the native inhabitants did not have any say in the laws. Sometime around the 1820s and '30s, many of the descendants of these “immigrants” decided to expand “their territory” and entered in droves into what was then Mexico. There were so many “immigrants” who settled in Mexican territory that they started thinking it was no longer Mexico, but what they called the Republic of Texas. Mexicans who had owned farms and ranches for generations were not happy about these “immigrants” breaking Mexican law and expecting all sorts of services they never paid for or inherited from family. A war ensued and by 1848, the “immigrants” managed to dispossess Mexicans from their land. Mexicans became…

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