Immigrants Do Not Cut Native Employment Rates Essay

701 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 3 Pages
The indication shows that, immigrants do not cut native employment rates. Some proposes that in the short run, immigration may slightly cut native employment, because the economy takes time to adjust to new immigration. Significantly, this effect changes according to the broader economic environment. In specific, when the economy is growing and the labor market is adding jobs, new arrival makes enough jobs even in the short run and even to cause no harm to the net employment of workers. During economic drops, things do not adjust as quickly as we like. When the economy is fragile, new immigration have a small harsh impact in the short run on the employment of workers.
The United States could profit hugely from an immigration system that is more responsive to wider economic conditions. In our recent immigration system, legal immigrant flows are really blank to the business cycle. In exact, Congress has set a yearly limit on the number of new everlasting and temporary immigrants who may enter the country legally in order to work, and these limits do not change based on the state of the labor market. The Department of Labor however certified thousands of temporary foreign worker visas for the construction industry. An independent federal agency should be recognized to evaluate the U.S. labor market and make annual references to Congress on the levels of long-lasting and short-term immigrant labor. This would better allow the U.S. economy to respond to the needs of employers…

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