Immigrants And Violence In Enrique's Journey By Sonia Nazario

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An immigrant boy walks into a village looking for food and shelter to stay in for the night. He starts to ask for food water, the people in the village ignore him; calling him names and stealing what little clothes he has. He leaves the town filled with anger and hatred. A couple years go by and the boy is now an adult and a member of a gang, who steals from immigrants and leaves them brutally beaten. All because the people from the village he visited as a young boy, treated him like a dog begging for food, rather than helping him by accepting him into their community and providing food and shelter. In Enrique's Journey by investigating journalist Sonia Nazario, this unfortunately happens quite a lot. As Sonia Nazario travels the routes Enrique …show more content…
As said previously the people of Chiapas have pushed away immigrants causing them to respond with violence. By doing so immigrants join gangs in order to recreate these actions in violent ways. When people have an understanding on how they are connected with immigrants, it creates a relationship between them and the immigrants, giving them no reason to act revenge. Since the start of immigrating, the people of Veracruz have always been giving to immigrants. They understood their reason of fleeing their countries, which at time was experiencing a war (Nazario 125). By showing they understand immigrants, it helps create a connection between them and the immigrants do not feel misunderstood. Catholicism teaches to see immigrants as Jesus Christ, a fellow immigrant himself. When Jesus was born he, along with his mother the Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph, fled the country after King Harold was in search of him. On their journey they experienced many people ignoring and shunning them away, until the generosity of a family allowed them to stay in their stable. The church teaches to be like that family and treat all immigrants with the same generosity (3-4). By choosing to help all immigrants it creates a relationship between them both showing the the person giving truly cares and

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