Immigrants And Their Rights Of The United States Essay

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Immigrants and their Rights
Why do mexican cross the border in pair? because it says tres-passing. immigrants should have the same rights as an united states citizens, because immigrants have families in the united states, some parents have to leave there kids behind to come do to economy in their countries and also immigrants in the united states also help the economy be creating jobs and paying taxes to the united states. nearly 8% of all new LPRs in 2011 were children with immediate relatives as current citizens in the US, and 33.2% of immigrants were under the age of 25( More than 1 million immigrants became legal permanent residents (LPRs) of the United States in 2011. Even though some people believe that the government should not give immigrants the same right as a united state citizen, The government should give the same rights to immigrants as the united states citizens because most immigrants that live in the united states have families, immigrants in the united states work the same jobs as any united states citizen, and there is currently more than 11.6 million immigrants in the united states.

The government should give immigrants the same rights as a united states citizen because some immigrants have families in the united states and children 's are being left for adoption because immigrants are getting deported. Some kids are left without a dad or a mom and left in charge of themselves or from their other family members, some parents from…

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