Immigrant Paper Final Copy

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Immigrant Experience
Paula Panti
April 06, 2014
Michelle O’Malley

I am Giovanni (John) Pilutti this is the story of my family and descendants. I was born on February 16, 1892, in Rivignano, Udine, Italy and Louisa Muzzini who later became my wife and was born on March 22, 1897, near the same place. This is the story of my life’s journey, and how I ended up coming to America. Through hardships and sacrifice our family had a dream of going to America and making a better life for our children, and so the story begins. The year was 1914 when I joined the Italian Army, which I served until 1918 fighting in World War 1. It was the end of World War I much of Western Europe was still in turmoil; Men coming home from serving
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I boarded a steam liner in the spring of 1920 that was bound for New York, NY. As I boarded the steam liner that was headed for this new country my first experience of what I later would see more regularly really caught me off guard. The attendant taking my ticket replied to me “I can see by the way you are dressed where you belong, head to the steerage quarters with the rest of your kind”. It was at this point that I truly understood for many years to come what a third class citizen would be treated like. I was not able to bring much food with me for the voyage, so I had to steal food from the first and second class sections whenever I could find a waiters coat laying around which would give me access without being noticed. Food was offered to the third class occupants only twice a day and it was never enough to go around. The sleeping arrangements were not much better there was six other men in a cubicle the size of a trunk that some carried their luggage in. It was a very long voyage, and the fact that third class passengers were to stay below made it even more difficult. After what seemed like an endless voyage I finally had a glimpse of the new country I was going to make my dream come true in. I later learned that this was called New Jersey where I thought I was going to get off the ship, but instead third class and steerage was loaded on a barge

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