Egyptism In Water Research Paper

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Most denominations of Christianity believe in some sort of baptism for the forgiveness of sins whether it be sprinkling or infant baptism or immersion in water. This essay will cover the argument that true baptism for the remission of sins is by complete immersion in water. Starting with, a brief background and an establishment that the bible is inspired by god and it is a reputable source to pattern our lives by. Then continuing to define the terms of the argument and really get to understand what the argument is and why it is significant. Then finally we will look at the argument itself and prove that complete immersion in water is necessary for salvation.
Getting started with a brief background and establishment that the bible which is the
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This story come from Acts chapter eight starting in verse twenty-six. The story begins with an angel of the lord appearing to Philip and telling him to “rise and go toward the south” (v.26) and so Philip got up and went. It continues and as Philip is going down the road from Jerusalem to Gaza he encounters an Ethiopian eunuch who is reading the scrolls of the prophet Isaiah. Philip went over to him and hearing what he was reading Philip asked, “do you understand what you are reading” (v.30)? The eunuch replied saying “how can I unless someone guides me” (v.31)? Philip joined him on his chariot and starting from the scripture that the Eunuch was reading (Isaiah 53) and told the eunuch the good news of Jesus. As they got farther along they came to a place where there was water and the Eunuch asked Philip, “what prevents me from being Baptized” (v.36) The Eunuch them stopped the chariot and He and Philip went down into the water and Philip baptized the Eunuch for the remission of his sins. As one can see while reading this story, whether it be from this paraphrased version or from the actual bible, as soon as the Eunuch began to believe he immediately was baptized. The eunuch knew that he wasn’t saved until he had been completely immersed in

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