Immanuel Kant's Theory Of Ethics: Duty And Morality

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Every society has a culture, and each has a different method of thinking. One of the major issues each culture faces is the underlying ideology. If someone is asked who knows God was, the answer will vary depending on which part of the country they are. It is where the development of the worldview begins. People within a particular culture start to migrate towards those who have the same beliefs in fellowship. Those who have the same beliefs begins to form a culture. After a culture is established, cultural studies start taking form. Religious public, the members of that community begin to develop a standard of ethics to live. After developing the religious community initiates a culture that starts to do cultural studies. The cultural
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Kant gives three propositions regarding function. He argues that the will that acts from reason is the will guided by duty. The first proposal helps distinguish the actions that have moral worth by differentiating acts that are motivated by duty and acts that are not. He shows the difference using examples like a salesperson. He says it is not because of morals but by duty to treat customers fairly at all times. The second propositions are the action done from the obligation and have moral worth. It is not on the purpose that is to be attained by it, but in the maxim according to action determination (Kant, & Hastie, 2008). The essence remains that the action is morally right if the forces behind it are real. The third proposition is combining the above two propositions. In this instance, Duty is the necessity of an action done out of respect for the law. The law is the only thing that can determine the will except objectively the …show more content…
There are those beliefs that need more appreciation as compared to others. For instance, the Greek mythology bases its teachings on assumptions without any meaningful facts. Given the way religion has dominated major races in the world, the worldview only focuses on the truth and happiness that should be brought out by the faith. Hoping for a better world should be a concern for every individual who needs a better understanding of the world around us. The philosophers gave us the opportunity to scrutinize critically every aspect of our society and make the best of humans. Through them, the governments lessened their strict and terrible acts and listened to what the citizen wanted and that most constitution around the world is pure

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