The Three Types Of Lying By Immanuel Kants

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The three main types of lies are: white lies, lies to protect the liar, and lies to cause harm. Experts like Brad Blunt expresses that lies are sometimes justified, but it complicates the relationship, whereas Immanuel Kant believes that all lives are unjustified. Teens in the articles exhibit lie as being sometime, when mothers are lying to their kids lying to others is sometimes justified due to lie have cost, lies hurt the relationship, and lies can lead to deadly situations.

First of all, Lying is sometimes justified since all lie has a cost to the liar himself/herself. Some people may say that lying is always good, but I disagree because of, lies can hurt a lot of things. For example, ¨we've been taught to lie, we live our lives by
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Granted, Kant believe that all lies are bad even if it's a life or death situation (Article 2 paragraph 3), yet most people feel that a lie here to protect a life is acceptable. For example, In the article, an 18 year old Tena says that ¨if you hear an especially good lie from one of your friends, and it fits your situation, you can use it¨ ( Article 4 paragraph 5). This shows that lying, can be easier because you can use the one that you're friends said first. The one can see this by that, is that it is sometime it is easy to tell to your parents or friends. For instance, In article 4, 16 year old Margo said ¨ the key to lying is not to tell a whole lie, or a whole truth. This evidence highlights, that you can lie sometime, but you have to the truth too but not a whole truth. This is important, because if you lay a whole lie they might know that your lying, and if you tell a whole truth they might believe you. In conclusion, lying is justified when it is easier to tell a lie a very big lie, an 18 year old Tim said ¨that the key to being good at lying is to keep it simple¨ (Article 4 paragraph …show more content…
Granted, my opponent state that lying is sometimes okay, but it can be proved that lies, can lead into a bad relationship and losing people that are around you all the time. For instance, Blanton says, ¨lying is stressful and hurts the relationship¨ (Article 3 paragraph 3). Lying here means that if you were going to tell a lie, there has to be a reason for you telling that lie. This matters, because it won't hurt the relationship if the liar is going to lie. Another piece of evidence, Blanton said that ¨you'll end up losing people whom you know also losing business or friendship¨ (Article 3 paragraph 15). This means, that if you lie the lie can end up leading to losing business and relationship, friendships. This matters, because white lies, or lies to protect the liar, and lies to cause to hurt the relationship. In conclusion, lying is acceptable when people start to lie, they start to believe it, they think that they're telling the truth but they're

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