Imitation Of Life Directed By John M. Stahl Essay

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Imitation of Life directed by John M. Stahl and based on Fannie Hurst 's 1933 novel, is a film which can be described as an emotional, tragic, romance, and sorrowed filled film. What else fits in the film description category? The false black stereotype. The film Imitation of life creates an emotional roller coaster for a viewer today, however reflecting on this film present day we find it in cooperates the misinterpretations and false stereotypes for blacks in the early 20th century. These stereotypes were created through the characters themselves. Essential characters that create, and continue black stereotypes include Delilah (played by Louise Beavers), and Peolas role (played by Fredi Washington). The method acting, and physical features,direct these misinterpretations of black men, and even more so for women . Delilah’s misinterpretations portray America’s infamous “Mammy” stereotype. This stereotype had already been around prior to the films time period, the purpose of the mammy is enforcing what was already thought to be about black females who served whites as a house keeper. Peolas purpose as the “tragic maletto” stereotype again enforces a stereotype that was already established prior to the screening of this film. There is and was debate whether or not stereotypes exists at all in this film. In 1935 opportunity magazines Sterling Brown has some answers to this question. The film as an entire whole however is not going completely in the wrong direction. For…

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