Imitation Of Life By John M. Stahl Essay

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Imitation of Life is a movie directed by John M. Stahl in 1934. Claudette Colbert plays the protagonist in the role of Beatrice “Bea” Pullman. Bea’s new found friend is Delilah Johnson, played by Louise Beavers. Together, both of these ladies create a successful business. Throughout the film we see both their daughters, Jessie and Peola, grow into beautiful women. The Imitation of Life is relevant to our class due to Bea and Delilah’s success after the Great Depression. The three literary devices best captured in Imitation of Life are the plot, characterization, and theme. The first literary device effectively used in Imitation of Life is the plot. Bea has recently lost her husband and is forced to raise her daughter, Jessie, by her self. One day, by chance, Delilah knocks on Bea’s door and the two instantly become friends. Delilah agrees to be the housekeeper if she and her daughter can live in Bea’s house for free. Bea agrees to these terms. While cooking one day, Delilah makes pancakes for the family. They are a hit! Bea then gets the idea to start a business involving Delilah’s pancakes. Soon the two are in business together and they become very wealthy; however money doesn’t solve everything! Peola is ashamed and humiliated that she is black. She sets out on her own, to never return, and decides to pass as white. This leaves Delilah brokenhearted and inconsolable. While Delilah is dealing with her child, Bea has learned that Jessie has fallen in love with…

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