Imbalance of Minorities Essay

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Imbalance of Minorities in Our Prison System
Brady Jacobs
ENG 122: English Composition II
Prof. Jennifer Chagala
December 1, 2014

American prisons are highly racially imbalanced in a country that incarcerates more of its population than any other nation in the world. I see this first hand in my career as a correctional officer at a state prison. I see the imbalance every day and it doesn’t fluctuate. There are several reasons for this imbalance. Poverty, disrespect of legal structure, lack of discipline, inadequate education, and drugs are the main causes of the disproportionate ratio of minority inmates. The NAACP has a broken down some solid statistics on this issue as well. Poverty is one of the
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In the end people always have a choice between what is right and what is wrong.

The United States legal structure is comprised of three separate branches of government. The legislative branch sets forth laws that are enforced by law enforcement agencies, also known as the executive branch. The Judicial branch then is tasked with deciding who is punished for not following the laws implemented by our legislature. This lack understanding and blatant disrespect for legal structure contributes to minority incarceration. There is a sense of entitlement or above the law feeling that often follows the breaking the law trend. We are poor so we get more sense of attitude. Most minorities who are put in a desperate position will revert to the principles and way of life that were instilled upon them as a child. Unfortunately, in reference to the minorities in America’s penal system, the morals and way of life they are used to conflicts with our implemented laws. Some minorities have been taught at a young age that they need to be a man first who provides for their family at all cost. When placed in a difficult position they end up making a decision that they feel if justified, but ultimately could get them arrested.

Ms. Roberts wrote “Foster care is more than a precursor to prison (for children), and prison is more than a precursor to foster care for children (of the incarcerated).” This cycle has proven to

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