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IMAX- Strategies
IMAX corporate strategy is driven by its mission and goal. It is designed to deliver the world’s highest-quality, most immersive motion picture entertainment. IMAX designs and manufactures large image producing format cameras and projection system as well as film development, production, post production and distribution to IMAX affiliated theatres worldwide.
Initially IMAX used a focused differentiation strategy by focusing on the production of educational films which were limited to institutional settings (like museums and libraries), but to increase their market share, maintain growth and survive in the industry they shifted into a two-pronged differentiation only strategy.
First, it had sought to expand beyond its
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Technological development is one of the primary focused of IMAX's business strategy. IMAX is very keen on Research and Development ( In 2007, IMAX spent almost five per cent of its sales revenue on R & D, and 50 of its 318 employees were involved in it) and to support its strategy of converting Hollywood movies into IMAX format, IMAX had developed a patented digital re-mastering (DMR) technology that allowed it to convert traditional 35 mm films such into the large screen and 3D format.
Marketing Strategy - STP
Initially IMAX started as a provider of large format for both educational, and entertainment films in prestigious venues and institutional settings.
After adopting the growth and expansion strategy, IMAX moved to convert many of Hollywood films, and moved to different multiplexes
Initially, with educational and documentary films, IMAX was targeting mainly families & parents, later when IMAX added different type’s Hollywood films i.e: comedy, action, romantic movies it started to attract teens, and young adults.
Competitive positioning is about defining how you’ll “differentiate” your offering and create value for your market. IMAX was successful in differentiating themselves in the market by having such skills, capabilities, and technological advances which enables them to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. The value they create and deliver to their

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