Imaginary Friends : A Child 's Subconscious Essay

1066 Words Mar 4th, 2016 5 Pages
Most children, at one point or another, have had unseen companions that we label as imaginary friends. These figments of imagination often appear to a child due to a lack of companionship, love, security, or a conglomeration of these. These phantasmal fantasies can be conceived as young as two to two and a half years old and are in place to meet a lack of emotional essentials. These imaginary friends are produced from the child’s subconscious from a lack of needs, and they are often connected to the creativity level of that child also. Along with this creativity is an exceptionally special bond between the child and his or her new invisible companion. This bond is formed due to the fact that the illusionary friend will never let the child down, will never judge or discriminate the child from activities, and will be a supporting figure that is immediately on sight when needed. The companion, the replacement, and the protector are endowed with the highest of responsibilities to befriend, to console, and to defend each of their children. The most common illusionary hero is the intimate companion. The companion is the devoted friend that is essentially thought up to provide the lonely child with a partner. This particular playmate is usually found in children diagnosed with OCS - only child syndrome. The child has no one to play with and therefore devise a comrade to fight evil, jump pits of lava, and have tea parties with. The companion is also commonly found when the child…

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