Images And Images Of Images Essay

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The camera’s unrelenting version of reality is what is so interesting about photography. The camera as a tool is objective, but the photographer himself is not. The photographer is in control of what the viewer sees entirely. Through the eye of the camera, the photographer has full control of what the viewer sees, of what the camera records and through the actions of taking a photo they turn the camera into a subjective tool. Photographs are generally recognised as a vital element of the ‘real’ and part of its identity. The perception of the photograph increasingly depends on its reproduction and it means that the photograph also replaces the reality and understanding. Photographs are not so much statements, as small pieces of it; like miniature fragments of reality. Critics also take the constant evolution of mass produced photographic images as an indication of our growing inability to distinguish between reality and appearance. Believing it’s ‘realistic’ appearance, a photograph of an object is almost instantly given the same status as the actual object itself. The fact that the object can be reproduced so easily and endlessly, allows the photograph to be represented in infinite types of existence. The concept of construction and reconstruction also appears in some contemporary theories that examine the process whereby reality arises out of perception in the human consciousness. According to radical Constructivists, the brain is incapable of reproducing or representing…

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