Summary Of Lord Of The Flies: Chapter Analysis

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2. One passage of LOTF containing striking imagery is the beginning passage of chapter 9. During this passage a storm occurs as Simon is waking from one of his “times” and has finally realized who and what the “beast” truly is. While this is happening the boys are reenacting the violent killing of the pig that occurred perviously, this time Ralph and Piggy were both present at the killing and join in with the dance. As Simon is returning to the boys to inform them of his newly come to realization his appearance allows him to be mistaken by the boys for the “beast” and is killed. Throughout the passage the description of the storm and the description of Simon 's murder go hand in hand.The narrator uses the storm to symbolize the rise of tension during the killing of Simon. The …show more content…
Based upon the last few chapters of Lord of the Flies what do you think William Golding 's view on humanity is? Based upon my reading of LOTF I think Golding views humans as savages all capable of true evil. The way Golding uses the “beast” as a symbol of the evil inside humanity leads me to believe that he thinks all humans are born with the potential the be evil/ savages. In the killing of Simon the boys thought that they were protecting themselves from the beast while the brutal way the murdered Simon shows that they are the real beasts. Q: What if the Conch had not been found by Ralph, do you think the progression towards savagery would have occurred more rapidly? Had the Conch not been found I believe it would have been far easier for the boys to progress towards savagery. The Conch was the boys symbol of law and authority, without it they would have run wild, having no true form of law and they would get out of control. Without the Conch Jack would have been able to take power away from Ralph easier, he would not have to obey by the rules set in place because they would be no rules and it would be easy for him to interrupt and lead the other boys down a path of

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