Imagery In Lemonade

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On April 23, Beyonce and Warsan Shire debuted an empowering visual album titled Lemonade in an HBO special dedicated to Black women. It depicted the journey of self-knowledge and healing through stages over a period of time; in the following order intuition, denial, anger, apathy, emptiness, loss, accountability, reformation, forgiveness,resurrection, hope, and redemption. Within each segment lies a woman dealing with her internal demons, societal pressure set against her, her relationship to those close to her, and the connection that she has to the world around her. All the while using haunting imagery to emphasize the power of her story that connects her to the past, present, and future through the art of cinematography, music and poetry. …show more content…
It is seen as the ultimate sacrifice that is taken for granted. It can also be seen as being a curse for women. Which is shown through the absence of men in Sula’s family whether it resulted by the force of death or by their own sheer will it shaped the way Sula perceives motherhood. The women in Sula’s family has a pattern of not loving men or their sons more than their own daughter. Eva, Sula’s maternal grandmother, had to raise her three children without the aid of the father. Eva preferred her son, Plum, more than her two daughters. Her love for Plum was so strong that she murdered him to protect his dignity. Which is probably one of the reasons why Hannah did not show any love for Sula, her only child, like she did for the random men that came in and out of her life. This made the audience and Sula question whether these mothers truly love their children. What kind of mother kills her own child or show their own child that never love them at all. However, this not the case for Pauline considering that she prefers the white family that she works for over her own family. For an example; when the child was injured, Pauline held the child and chastised her own just for being in the way. She also beat Pecola because she did not believe that her husband raped

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