Mother To Son Langston Hughes Analysis

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Many years ago in Africa was a lot of injustice and segregation which separated African-Americans from the rest of the world. Some Africans didn't speak up about this, but some did. From reading 'mother to son' written by Langston Hughes we can make an assumption that the poem is about a mother who is telling her son to stay strong and preserving in the life of adversity.

Being in America during the times of segregation was really hard for African Americans, and it's something we don't understand. But from reading a Langston Hughes poem we can get an idea of how it was like for them. From reading the poem we can tell visual imagery was used in line 'and splinters and boards were torn up and bare' From this piece of imagery we can come to
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This message is shown to the reader through the imperative ‘don’t you sit down on the step, don’t you turn back’ This quote suggests to the reader that the mother is telling her son and all the people of her country that you should never give up, and if you ‘sit down on the step’ you are giving up and wasting your time, and that time which you wasted could have been used to get closer to your goal. In addition, this quote is also saying that in life you should never stand still, you should always be advancing to the next step or the next stop at life, as you should never think of stopping because it will ruin your journey. Therefore, in my opinion, the writer's goal was to inform the reader that giving up should never be an option as you should always persevere to achieve your goal and if you give up or take a rest your goal is forever unaccomplished.

In conclusion ‘mother to son’ by Langston Hughes holds many powerful messages, but a message which stood out to me was the idea to never give up and to keeping going as you will achieve your goal, and this is perfectly portrayed through the idea of a mother going through obstacles and preserving just so she can get a better life for her and son, and so that they can fight through all the racial

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