Every Day Use Analysis

“Every day use “ is a short story written by Alice walker. The story talks about, the mother (narrator) and her two daughters Dee and Maggie. Dee is the pretty one, life never told her NO, she had gone off to school to be sophisticated,. on the other hand Maggie was raised with the old fashioned way , she has a darker skin tone ,very shy, and she is not educated. The mother had to work in order for them to survive in this world without even having a partner to help her “I am a large big boned woman with rough, man working hands in the winter I wear flannel nightgowns to bed and overalls during the day. I can kill and clean a hog as mercilessly as a man. My fat keeps me hot in zero weather, I can work out side all day “ (lines 26-29)

Alice malsenior walker was born on February 9, 1944 in Georgia. Alice is one of the most admired African –American writers .she grew up very poor her mother worked as a maid to help support the family’s eight children. When Alice was 8 years old, she suffered from an
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but she didn’t come alone she came with a new name and new boyfriend or husband after having diner wanegro wanted to take the family’s heirlooms and especially the quilts as a part of her . to hang them in her place while she refuses that her sister takes them because she’ll put them to everyday use and the mother keeps defending Maggie because she promised her that she’ll pass on those quilts to her when she gets married .for the first time Dee want something that she can’t have and she leaves them angry saying” you just don’t understand your heredity “the hardworking mother who tells the story has passed her true inheritance, not quilts but love, to the daughter who is not book-educated but who belongs to the tradition enjoying a heritage that is experience and memory, not things to put on

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