Essay about Ima Corporation Swot Analysis

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Case introduction and background[1]

The IMAX corporation has been at the forefront of groundbreaking movie technology since the 1960s. Their expertise in multi-screen, large-format filmmaking that creates an immersive experience has suffered relatively few competitors over the years. Distinctive brand identity has added to IMAX’s market differentiation. Initially, IMAX opened theatres in institutions such as museums and aquariums, and created documentary style films with high educational value. This has given IMAX a strong image as a trusted provider of quality “edutainment” movies suitable for family audiences.

Much of IMAX’s business relies not on the production and screening of their signature movies, but on the sale of
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Digital enhancements) have resulted in wider range of products for availability. * Conversion of existing films: Feature films can be converted to large screen format using their digital technology (e.g. Harry Potter, Spiderman). By releasing blockbusters simultaneously on mainstream theatre screens and IMAX theatre screens, movie goers have the choice of the ‘IMAX Experience’ over traditional theatre. * The IMAX experience consists of high-value, leading edge entertainment experience in high-quality theatre environments and provides an experience that is both entertaining and educational (e.g. Polar Express, Fires of Kuwait) * Partnerships: IMAX has partnered with many movie studios and commercial theatre chains to increase their audience reach.


* Limited number of in-house studio movie releases. * Low marketing budget: mainstream studios spend 30-50% of total production costs on marketing, while IMAX’s marketing budget for their studio films is a fraction of that amount. * IMAX movies have in some cases extremely long runs as opposed to traditional movies (eg. Everest). * Viewing prices for IMAX movies is considerably higher than regular movie theatre prices; IMAX $13.95 - $15.00, compared to regular theatre tickets (approximately $12.99 in some markets). * Significant debt

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