Essay on Im Maturity Case Study

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Current Environment

Elite family businesses with investment management focus in diverse sectors (securities and capital markets, communities’ development and management, manufacturing, Trading, and oil and Gas) with a commitment to contribute to the economy of the country. A highly dynamic, growth oriented, federated organization where daily changes in business interests, processes and key personal is a business norm.

Internal regulatory requirements are the presentation of quarterly enterprise performance reports to the shareholders for a portfolio of 5 holding companies, where each holding has several operating companies, investments and joint ventures. A second requirement is the development of monthly performance reports to the
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4. Industry analysts are bullish about cloud adoption, with IDC Research predicting that public cloud spending will surpass $100 billion during 2014.Concerns about security and privacy has subsided during the last years, and executives are looking got moving certain functions to the cloud to reduce on capital investments and increase the agility.

Architecture Principles

Principle 1. Information Management is Everybody's Business

All organizations in the enterprise participate in information management decisions needed to accomplish an Information management strategy (IM).

Information represents a valuable corporate resource, with actual and measurable value. Information is the basis of the decision-making process Therefore, it must be carefully managed to ensure constant awareness of its location, reliability of its contents, and access whenever and wherever necessary.

Implications: 1. To operate as a team, every stakeholder will need to accept responsibility for developing the information environment. 2. Commitment of information owners & producers will be required to implement this principle.

Principle 2. Information Security

Statement: 1. Information is protected based on confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA). 2. Security traceability includes proper inception and application of the auditing system and monitoring tools.

Confidentiality is rooted in the

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