Im/It Service Management Essay

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Introduction Only the most progressive organizations are adopting best practices in IM/IT service management, while many IM/IT departments continue to rely on informal, “seat of the pants, “ error-prone processes. This leads to reactive “fire fighting” operating norms within IM/IT departments, when formal, proactive approaches would be more effective. Recent studies suggest that one of the most accurate indicators of IM/IT departmental effectiveness in delivering quality services is the percentage of unplanned work in which the departments is engaged (Glandon, Smaltz, and Slovensky, 2008, p. 170).
Why does unplanned IM/IT work increase costs? Glandon et al. (2008) describes unplanned work as any activity in the IM/IT organization
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Some of the criticisms of this framework is that it (1) requires a great deal of administrative overhead to employ ISO 9000 standards and become registered and (2) may not be well suited to hospital IM/IT departments that tend to implement vendor applications, rather than develop their own applications (Glandon et al., 2008, p. 173). Last, ITIL, is an IM/IT process improvement framework centered on seven main IM/IT management domains. ITIL is well suited to organizations whose CIO or IM/IT leader are championing process improvements. As opposed to some of the other process improvement models, ITIL provides high-level “how to” guidance via its many generic ITIL process flow diagrams and descriptions (Glandon et al., 2008, p. 173).
Describe the five IM/IT service support processes and how they are interrelated. The service support process as describe in the text by Glandon et al. (2008) includes, service desk, incident management, problem management, change management, release management, and configuration management (p. 177). These processes are heavily related and will be described in detail below. The service desk is the single point of contact for users to report incidents and seek troubleshooting resolution. Almost all hospitals or healthcare service delivery organizations provide this service in which users call or access online to obtain assistance with computer-related problems.

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