Essay on Im-It Analysis

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IM/IT Analysis
Barbara C. Hagerman
Dr. Chad Moretz
Health Information Systems
July 29, 2012

1. Discuss the five (5) major components of information management/information technology (IM/IT) governance with a focus on how they will collectively improve the quality of health care. IM/IT governance helps the organization make business decisions more accurately and in a timelier manner (Glandon, Smaltz, Slovensky, 2008). In order to complete this, five general guidelines were created. They are as follows: Develop a consistent IT strategy, Align IT Planning with Organizational Planning, Develop IT Infrastructure, Architecture and Policies, Set IT Project
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Value can be demonstrated through financial means. Have the costs decreased? Has the revenue increased? More productivity would mean more revenue relative to cost. Value would be demonstrated through clinical and organizational means. Clinical means would utilize adherence to standards to produce better outcomes. Organizational means would weigh more on stakeholder satisfaction and risk reduction. The fundamental point is that healthcare executives currently must rely on “anecdote, inference, and opinion to make critical IM/IT decisions” (Johnston, Pan, Middleton, 2002).

2. Determine which elements of a health care IM/IT strategic plan are most important and steps that can be taken by any organization to ensure those elements are viable. The most important element of a health care IM/IT strategic plan would be in the information systems goals and objectives. Goals and objectives are statements that describe what the plan will accomplish. Goals are high level statements that provide overall context for what the plan is trying to achieve, and should align with the goals of the organization. Objectives are lower level statements that describe, tangible responses that the plan will deliver. The goal should reference the business benefit in terms of cost, speed and /or quality. For instance, an IT infrastructure project to install new web servers may ultimately allow faster client

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