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John Grew Engineering Manager, Ellistown, Ibstock Brick
Ibstock Group Leadership & Management ILM 3 Programme
Assignment 1: 8600 - 310 – Understanding How to Motivate People in the work place
1 Understand the factors that influence motivation levels in the workplace.
1.1 Define the term motivation.
Motivation within a working environment describes ways in which managers, supervisors and leaders, promote productivity in individuals and teams. Motivation describes the level of desire employees feel to perform, and is an internal, personal process that makes a person or team move toward a goal. All people have needs that they want satisfied so the search for that satisfaction/desire could be classed as motivation. It must also be noted that
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1.3 Explain how individual differences affect levels of motivation in the workplace.
Frederick Herzberg offers a model for understanding the motivational implications of work environments. In his two‐ factor theory, Herzberg identifies two sets of factors that impact on an individual’s motivation levels in the workplace: Hygiene factors, which include salary, job security, working conditions, organizational policies, and technical quality of supervision. Although these factors do not motivate individual to say, they can cause dissatisfaction if they are missing. Something as simple as adding music to the office place or implementing a no‐smoking policy can make a person less dissatisfied with these aspects of their work. However, these improvements in hygiene factors do not necessarily increase an individual’s satisfaction.

Motivators include such things as responsibility, achievement, growth opportunities, and feelings of recognition, and are the key to an individual’s job satisfaction and motivation. For example, managers can find out what people really do in their jobs and make improvements, thus increasing job satisfaction and performance.

1.4 Explain the potential impact on organisational performance if employee motivation levels are low.
Motivation is a very important for an organization because the following benefits will not be realised.
The effect of low employee motivation can take several different forms. In most cases it leads to some

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