Illusion Of Love In The Great Gatsby

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The Illusion of Love leads to Death

Love is a strong world, one that can change the lives of people for good or for bad. But what really love did to Jay Gatsby? Gatsby is a character from F. Scott Fitzgerald classic novel. A love story as many called. But for many others is a tragic storying that involved love, power, social difference, and racism. Fitzgerald was a master in how to put many ideas on one little story. His books count with themes than can make many essays on long stories if people choose to use one his ideas. That is not different when talking about his novel “The Great Gatsby”. A novel that is so powerful and completed that anything can be said or write about it. But why not describe why Gatsby needed to lie in order to be
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He was his neighbor. Nick was the only one that shows him real love. The unconditional love, the type that doesn’t want anything in return. The love he should receive from Daisy. But she was too materialist. Nick was Daisy cousin and he always thought that the loved that Gatsby have for his cousin been real. Or even it wasn’t right. She was married with a beautiful girl. There where not future in their love but because Gatsby was a dreamer and thought that anything can be possible that he can even change the past. “I’m going to fix everything just the way it was before” (113). Gatsby was having a short conversation with Nick about how he will convince Daisy to b him again and married him. Now he has the money the social position that is so important for her. Gatsby was so determinedly to have her. All that years giving those big parties with the only illusion that one night she would be coming to one of them. Her closed friend Mrs. Jordan Baker told Nick that the reason Gatsby do the parties was in excuse of seen Daisy one night at his house. And now that he found out that he was his cousin he used that excuse to get close to Nick

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