Emergency Safety Application Essay

1. Background

Illuminate Creative hires one student to work on this project. The Company intends to develop a new application for business which provides a safety methodology for their users. The idea is, whenever a costumer feels that they are in a cause of worry or inconvenience, they just need to preset emergency list from mobile contacts with a timer or on a right away settings to push a single button. By doing so, the application will immediately notify the predefined emergency contacts of the costumer by sending their current position through using a GPS service to pin down the map and some predefined messages.
The application is distributed1 and based on client/server structure more focused on client. The client side works on the
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With modern day tech The portable easy safety ideas attracts users for using its methods because everyone wants safety on their hand balms. Although there are still limitations of emergency safety applications and it is not possible to replace the traditional safety methods, the applications can be further utilized in many aspects. Seeing the advantages of the portability and the ease of process done, the applications should be promoted to perform major objectives. We would like to introduce it to emergency cases. However, the design of application aims at the simplicity. As mentioned previously, the application is different from the traditional safety methodology. Too complex tasks should not be implemented. So what can be done with new tech to compete with traditional safety methods? Yes, the task should be performed automatically with a push of a …show more content…
Aims and Objectives

This project aims to give a detailed description and documentation of the design and implementation of the android application, and the final project is hoped to develop an android application to fulfill the following four objectives
1.1. Make sending a GPS based emergency notifications through an easy process Manually Sending a SMS text is quite a simple task. However, it is sometimes quite annoying – especially in emergency situations. Let’s think of the emergency situation of getting lost when having an adventure. Browsing the internet based maps and looking for a right position, looking at the dense lines of maps and several pieces of information of the ways out in a moment of panic. However, the whole process starts to annoy us frequently. The application eases the process of doing so with predefined settings you can have modes to help you with that

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