Illiteracy Is The Lack Of Ability Of Read And Write Essay

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Illiteracy is the lack of ability to read and write. Unfortunately, illiteracy is spreading extensively worldwide. 26% of the world’s adult population is non-literate. Niger and Mali had the highest illiteracy percentage in 2016 due to the UNESCO literacy report. An increase in illiteracy rate should not be ignored; there are a lot of effects that are based on illiteracy, which will decrease the country’s development. Poverty, learning disabilities, parent with little schooling; are all causes that lead to illiteracy.

The term “poverty” nowadays does not only mean people are not getting what they want, but actually means people are not being able to get what they need from living essentials. Sadly, living in a cruel environment, person witnesses different poverty levels. There are people who cannot afford anything to eat for three days, while there are others who cannot afford a shelter to live in, and others may have to choose between life necessities (i.e. food and shelter) and learning. The tragedy that people often forget is that not everyone living on the same planet can afford similar abilities. Poverty nowadays is leading to illiteracy in many different ways. Education fees are considered as one of the main causes that are leading poor kids to illiteracy. Although most countries offer alternatives or government schools, sometimes poor families cannot afford the student’s marginal needs, such as school uniform, school supplies, and transportation fees which leads…

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