Illiteracy Forgotten

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Literacy Forgotten Literacy can be easily ignored by a person. Being an adult and being illiterate however, is not as easily ignored. Illiteracy can cause problems for more than just the individual. It can cause problems for their family members, their health, businesses and the economy. Illiteracy effects 40-44 million adults in America according to the Washington County Literacy Council, offering education for adults in an accessible and comfortable place and reworking education plans by adding a few projects and programs may help lower illiteracy in adults. Adults being illiterate have caused problems in the economy. Society pays about $240 billion each year in industrial productivity loss, unrealized tax revenues, welfare, crime, poverty, and related social skills. Having a personal and comfortable place to learn is a very important solution for illiterate adults. To help adults improve their basic skills it should be offered in a safe and accessible place. It should also be fairly easy to receive. Prices, if any, must stay low. If the costs become to excessive to receive help then the programs will not be able to bring in enough adults to lower the 40-44 million. (The Impact). Businesses are also hurt when adults do not learn the …show more content…
However, as a nation and as educators their should be no shaming in any way for children still struggling. ““I come out of school. I was sixteen. They had their meetings. The directors meet. They said that I was wasting their school paper. I was wasting pencils." Another illiterate, looking back, believes she was not worthy of her teacher 's time. She believes that it was wrong of her to take up space within her school. She believes that it was right to leave in order that somebody more deserving could receive her place.” (Illiterate). Shaming any student for a lack of any skill does not warrant progress but causes the decease of

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