Illiteracy Affects Many Adults As Well As Children Essay

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Within the United States, illiteracy affects many adults as well as children. Illiteracy refers to a neither individual who cannot read nor write. Our society has taken heed to what illiteracy is and how it can affect a person’s possibility for achievement, increase chances for psychological problems, as well as the chances of it being passed down from generation to generation. There are different forms of illiteracy including illiteracy that involves reading and writing skills and illiteracy that involves being aware of the world around you. The root of this problem can be traced back to an individual’s home life, environmental influences, and learning disabilities. The long term effects can include a hindrance on obtaining essential knowledge, lower chances of getting a job, as well as psychological problems such as low self esteem. It was once considered a major epidemic; however, it has gradually been diminished through the efforts of society and the government. Within the United States, the federal government has created many laws, such as the No Child Left behind Act, to help reinforce the importance of education for children so they can be successful adults in the future. The reason why this is considered a problem that needs to be addressed is because of how fast paced our world has become and everyone, especially the future generations, need to be prepared for anything that they encounter.
By working towards new ways to help those who are illiterate is to provide…

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