Illinois Most Resembles The U.s. Essay

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Illinois most resembles the U.S. in virtually every category imaginable: age and sex, race and ethnicity, education, housing living arrangements, veteran population, transportation, income, poverty and so forth. For these reasons alone, Illinois is an important state to keep an eye on, not only during election cycles, but also as various other aspects of our political and economic lives unfold.

Since 1980, with the exception of Paul Simon 's victory in the 1988 Democratic Primaries (which isn 't saying much as Simon was the sitting U.S. Senator from Illinois), Illinois voters have correctly chosen the Republican and Democratic nominee for U.S. President. If the same holds true this year, we should expect Donald Trump to face Hillary Clinton in November.

Bernie 's Campaign

Nate Cohn of the New York Times has done the math for Sanders, and it doesn 't look good:

Mr. Sanders should fare better over the second half of the primary season, after black voters gave Hillary Clinton such a big advantage in the first half. But the path to a majority of delegates is nonetheless a daunting one. He would need to win the remaining delegates by around a 58-42 percent margin after falling behind again in the delegate count Tuesday night.

In my humble opinion, Sanders ' supporters should cease talking about the prospect of beating Clinton, and readjust their aims. At this point, we look quite ridiculous when we tell people that Bernie still has a shot at beating Hillary. It 's delusional…

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