Essay on Illegal Use Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Illegal Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs In Professional Sports and Competitions
Even though some people believe that Performance Enhancing Drugs are beneficial to the users, PED 's have extremely bad consequences and should not be allowed in professional sports. Athletes use Performance Enhancing Drugs for short-term use whenever they compete in professional competitions. Competitors use these drugs in times of their athletic career to get an edge over other competitors. But these people taking the drugs do not know or understand the true effects of using these drugs and they do not care at this moment of fame. Performance enhancing drugs allow users to train harder and longer without injuring themselves. People also use PED 's to become more athletic and to get an edge on all of the other players in their competitions. These drugs strengthen users muscles, bones, and tendons of the person who takes them. The drugs also make users more aggressive for the athletic event that they compete in. In baseball, PED 's allow pitchers and hitters to become more consistent with pitches and hits and also make hitters more aggressive when up to bat. For pitchers, the drug makes their fast-twitch muscle fibers stronger. These muscle fibers are what allow players to perform powerful actions, like hitting home runs.
Athletes often use these drugs in the form of pills, injections, or creams. The players use these drugs in cycles or a schedule of use and when Performance…

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