Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported

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Illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States has become a major issue. The American government has serious weaknesses in its immigration system, around one third of immigrants are living here illegally, around 12 million. For years, these people have knowingly and unknowingly damaged the economy of the Southwest, and employers have been supporting these immigrants by giving them jobs. New policies and systems need to be put into action to stop illegal immigrants from destroying the economy. Educating the illegal immigrants is important to saving the economy. West (2011) provides some context to this issue from information found by the National Research Council, that around 3 quarters of illegal immigrants do not pay state or federal income taxes. As well as not paying taxes these immigrants aren’t fully participating in the economic process. Most of these illegal immigrants are here to get money for their families in Mexico. Thus not all the money they earn goes back into the American economy.Correa-Cabrera and Rojas-Arenaza (2012) …show more content…
This idea is unrealistic because as Jacobsen (2013) explains in California alone there are around 2.6 million undocumented persons. To deport this amount of immigrants, would cost a fortune, and it does not make economical sense to deport all of these people, when they could end up as legal Americans for much less.
As the impact of illegal immigration has on the economy worsens, steps need to be taken to restore and remove the issues that illegal immigrants create. Through lowering the amount of illegal immigrants in the workforce, educating new generations of them and creating easier pathways to citizenship, this will lower their negative results on the economy. Although many believe that adding more security measures on the border is the answer, the answer lies in lowering the amount of illegal immigrants in America through controlling the economy

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