Illegal Immigration Is The United States Essay

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Illegal immigration is defined as trespassing over the national border. A large number of immigrants come from the inhabitants of less developed countries. Immigrants hope to find better economic opportunities and an enhanced standard of living. Yet, migration to the United States damages an immigrant’s native country, as ample of the population, laborers, and scholars regularly leave their country.
The United States itself was founded by immigrants, yet the government is revoking the rights of immigrants today. The United States may be a free country, but country, but immigration has altered over the years because of a rise in illegal immigrants. Amnesty should be established to hard working tax paying persons whose only felony is their immigration status. Amnesty might not be the best answer to our immigration issue, but it is the only reasonable resolve. It will offer millions of immigrants a chance at self-sufficiency and social flexibility. It spreads diversity and enlarges the cultures as the Unites States. America is referred to as the great “melting pot” because we are composed of all types of people from everywhere in the world. Diversity presents new ideas, new viewpoints, new music, nourishments, diverse customs, and new forms of entertainment. It also develops the general image if America globally, as it is seen as an open, friendly country.
It is a nearly impossible task for the United States to put a complete stop to illegal immigration. Even if the US did find…

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