Illegal Immigration Is Not Good For The United States Essay

1138 Words Feb 4th, 2016 5 Pages
Illegal immigration is an issue that has begun to impact the lives of United States’ citizens and will continue to do so unless it is dealt with. Illegal immigration is not good for the United States economy in more ways than just one. With the influence of several factors such as large borders and citizens who refuse to comply with the law these individuals enter the country and actually cause some major damage. This nation has quickly become the melting pot for the rest of the world, and now the economy is taking the hit.
Illegal Immigration is the act of a non-citizen, otherwise known as an alien, who has entered the United States without government consent or stayed beyond termination date of the issued Visa. Illegal immigrants affect the economy not only by taking American citizens’ jobs, but the money the immigrants make does not actually go back to the United States government. Some immigrants do not give the money back to the United States, they send money to their families in other countries, which is affecting our 16 trillion dollar debt. Many of these undesired immigrants us our programs like hospitals and public education hat cost tax payers and actually add more to the national debt. Plus, the contributions the immigrants do make to the United States government, is so low that it is insignificant and makes no difference to our debt. Undocumented workers have even lowered wages of the United States citizens anywhere between 0.4 and 0.7 percent. They have also…

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