Illegal Immigration Is A Problem That Is Affecting Many Americans

1917 Words Apr 11th, 2016 null Page
In life, we find some people who want to leave their country for a better life, but sometimes their dreams are not easy to achieve because they face many obstacles. People are moving from their own countries because they really don’t have a comfortable life and can’t make money easily to supply their necessities like education and a high standard of living. These things drive them to leave their countries to find a better life in a different country. Illegal immigration is a problem that is affecting many Americans. An illegal immigrant is defined as a person who moved to a country to live permanently but does not have identification and documents that show who they are or where they 're coming from.When the immigrants arrive in the United States, they come undocumented with nothing that represents who they are legally, and we know that in the United States to access a job, study, open bank accounts and even to leave the country always we need a document as license, social security, passport and/ or other official ID. If one does not have this documentation, you can 't do anything openly and your life would have to be hidden, so that the police do not jail you and then deport you or compel you to leave the country.

There is something that all of us should know and that is that many immigrants have to face many challenges and obstacles before leaving their own countries. For many of them the reasons are because in their country they do not have opportunities to study,…

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