Donald Trump: Illegal Immigrants

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Donald Trump has done it again, making the public hate him even more. Trump promised as President, a Immigration plan to get rid of eleven million illegal immigrants out of the United States of America. He concludes with the number eleven million but thinks there is a lot more of "them" out there. The time period of the deportations would take about eighteen months to two years. Good luck Mr. Trump trying to get all undocumented immigrants out of the United States.
Trump 's plan is comical actually, tracking down that many people to "ship" them back from where they came from would be more costly than effective. If the plan went into action, many illegal immigrants would be in hiding until they gave up in the search. Illegals started to come
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For Trump or any future president trying to kick out illegal immigrants doesn 't know what America stands for. The US is home of thousands of immigrants that 's what all started this country, the government and the citizens should encourage new immigrants to be part of America. After all, having people wanting to come into the country makes the US more desirable. Deporting people back to their original country didn 't work in 1942 during World War 2. After Pearl Harbor, the US issued Japanese to relocate; many Japanese were put in concentration camps or sent back to Japan. The government saw how idiotic it was and put a stop to it, and let them return back. They also gave compensation to surviving victims, the whole process costed the US more money rather than taking their changes with any Japanese "suspects." History shows the wrongs and rights of presidents, the last thing this needs is another mishap from a irrational president such as Donald Trump.
A main reason why some people don 't want illegal immigrants in the country because they "take up" jobs in the market. Illegal immigrants unfortunately don 't have many job options, they jobs they could and do get are ones that don 't require a degree. US citizens without degrees are the ones competing with illegal immigrants, they tend to squander; typically an illegal immigrant will work more for less since they first starting off in the country.
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Many illegal immigrants are looking for any type of job when they arrive to the country, so they bear to get the jobs that the average citizen without a degree wouldn 't take such as agriculture. The Department of Labor reports that half of the farm workers in the US are illegal immigrants, making many other job opportunities open for American citizens. The willing illegal immigrants will do the "dirty work" which needs to be done by someone to make the United States work. People who don 't have a degree are threaten by illegals because they don 't want competition but what they don 't see is that they will probably still end up with a better job position and better salary than them.
Donald Trump wants to get rid of the eleven million illegal immigrants in the United States of America that help in so many ways. They contribute to the country in a positive way by having dedication and motivation, many of them are proud of this country without even being a citizen yet. Trump 's plan is out of the world, hard to achieve and costly in money and time. Tax money will be contributing to this plan that won 't have a good outcome in the end; this is only one of Trump 's brilliant ideas, can 't wait to see what else he has in mind for this country as

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