Illegal Immigration During The United States Essay

1002 Words Feb 1st, 2016 null Page
This Monday, millions of Americans celebrated the Labor Day, a day which honors the American labor movement and recognize the contributions those workers have made to the U.S economy and society. For decades, immigrants and their families have played a crucial role of the labor force and economy in the United States. However, the broken immigration system somehow strangles the contributions of those immigrants, and then hide the significant benefits from American workers. Illegal immigration in the United States of started at 1920s. Thereafter to the 1980s, the phenomenon of illegal immigration increased dramatically. Although after an intense internal debate between the government and various interest groups enacted appropriate legislations, but illegal immigration still remains a difficult situation. According to Passel and Cohn studies (2013) “There were an estimated 11.7 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States as of 2012”. Pew (2013) found that “Unauthorized immigrants account for about 3.7 percent of the total U.S. population and about 5.2 percent of the labor force. Note that unauthorized immigrants are a larger share of the labor force than of the total population because the vast majority of unauthorized immigrants are working-age adults”. Some economists and many business leaders indicate that the US economy depends on illegal labor; those illegal workers accept low-wage jobs, pay taxes, spend their money, all of which expand the development of…

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