Illegal Immigration And Its Effects On America 's Economy, Education, And Public Safety

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Experts estimate that there are about eleven million illegal immigrants living in America today and about seven million hold jobs (Barbour 16). With all the undocumented people living in America, a citizen may wonder how this affects the country. Illegal immigration has many negative effects on America’s economy, education, and public safety, but by identifying the flaws in the countries immigration policy can assist to find a solution. The most obvious, but controversial topic of illegal immigration is the cost. “Illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers $113 billion annually. Broken down, the direct cost to the federal government is about $29 billion, while the states pick up the remaining share of about $84 billion” (Kirkwood 19). The biggest cost is educating the children of illegal immigrants. The cost also includes the payment for food, housing, health, and incarceration. The annual cost however is not the only burden illegal immigrants on society; illegal immigrants do take away jobs from American citizens, contrary to popular belief, because they drive down wages by accepting payment below the minimum wage. Many people believe that illegal aliens do not steal American jobs, because they do jobs Americans do not want. This is fallacious, if illegal aliens did not drive down wages, more Americans would be willing to take such jobs. Some American employers will opt to hire illegal aliens willing to work for less and are undocumented, therefore reducing cost…

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