Illegal Immigration And Its Effects On America Essay

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Illegal Immigration Paper
When you think of freedom what comes to mind? All men are created equal; it seems that many Americans have forgotten the meaning behind those strong words. Often time we see how one particular race is treated unequally by others in society. America all started with people wanting better opportunities and life. The average person living in this great country dissented from some other part of the world. Now the great debate is on, how we should handle illegal immigration what actions and conserves is happening now in America. In today’s society the average person gets their news from comedies and news casts. People are more likely to believe random posting on social media than on hard facts presented reputable news. Illegal immigration is one thing that has the media in an uproar. National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, express how the media fails immigrants with negative themes in news stories. The media expresses the horrible outlook on illegal immigration rather than the great benefits they contribute to America. Hate crimes against immigrants increased 50 percent due to the negative impact that social media let out. Another issue is the involvement of social media using the term illegal immigrants or illegal aliens. “That’s almost half of the respondents, or 46 percent, say the term “illegal immigrant” is offensive.” Congress people using negative terms do not help in today’s society. “Kintner Uttered the word “wetback”, democrats objected, aware…

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